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The objective of The Southern Connecticut Youth Hockey Organization, is to provide a well organized and supervised youth ice hockey program, which offers opportunities to children of all levels of skill and proficiency.






West Haven native Mike Pereira has been called up to play for the AHL team Utica Comets. Mike is a former Milford Blues standout and went on to play D1 Hockey at UMASS. The Comets are affiliated with the Vancouver Canucks. Best of luck Mike!


Get ready for Spring!  Milford Blues Hockey will be back at the MIP in just a few months! Go to

www.milfordblues.com for more info.




by posted 01/18/2016



Dave Starman EJEPL Director of Player Development and Montreal Canadiens NCAA Scout

10/27/2015, 3:45pm EDT

By EJEPL Reporter

Theory of Developing Hockey Players

...still way too many squirt and pee wee teams playing games with the NHL win at all cost/shorten the bench mentality.  If our best 16's can "play to develop" over playing to win, I'm sure Tier I squirts could probably take a few minutes to digest the concept.  Theory of developing hockey players vs hanging banners well in play at the NDTP....further accentuates what we're striving for at USAH for player development.  We always ask these coaches and parents who play a zillion games and play like its the NHL..."are you winning the race to the wrong finish line?"

If I had to bet, more than 65% of players in the NCAA probably didn't play on a team that ever won it's league championship in youth hockey and about 80% of them were never the best player on any youth hockey team they were on.  They are playing in the NCAA because they played for coaches who understood development first above all else.


Don Granato is the one who starts his season by going to the strength coach/off ice coach and says "how many workouts do you want and when?"  Once off ice is scheduled from September through May, Don then puts the practice schedule together to supplement the off ice schedule.  Then he does the game schedule.  Practice to game (includes on and off ice practice) ratio is about 4:1.  NCAA is 4.5:2  Interesting, games are his last concern and he practices three times as much and plays half the games most Tier 1 squirt and pee wee's do in our area.  

His guys are getting drafted in the first and second round, most championship squirts and pee wee's are probably falling behind by bantam because skill development fell lower than strategy for most of their coaches/organizations (and parents probably pushed for 60 games and their ego pushed for hanging a banner) and as they got older, they missed the golden age of skill development between 9-13.

All things I hope to work with you and the league on to correct the mindset's of our member clubs. Player development makes better leagues, not pee wee teams who can trap or run a faceoff play.

by posted 09/24/2015
Southern Mites in Action!


The Mite A's of West Haven and Southern CT helped us kick off the 6th season of GottaLoveCTHockey!

These players are back-to-school and back-to-hockey, and they're ready to work hard and learn a lot — especially on the ice!

Watch now to find out what they hope to improve this season...and what grade they'd give their coaches!


by Master Admin posted 09/23/2015

Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League

Why the EJEPL?


The Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League was created to prepare players to become the EHL and College recruits of the future. Many of the owners of the Eastern Hockey League (EHL), Metropolitan Junior Hockey League (MET), and Atlantic Youth Hockey League (AYHL) are affiliated with the EJEPL and it's (45) partner organizations. 

The EJEPL is designed to help create a seamless transition, to allow players at the 12U to the 18U levels to develop their skills with the ability to stay in their organizations all the way to College. Players can be promoted from the 15-16-18 U teams to their EHL Junior parent teams or similar junior development Leagues. The affiliation between SCYH, the New York Apple Core and Brewster Bulldogs, provides the SCYH skaters an additional opportunity to skate at the higher (juniors) levels beyond Midgets.

Emphasis will be placed on practice and skill development as well as off-ice strength and conditioning while always focusing in on academic improvement in the classroom.  The EJEPL provides its skaters the maximum opportunity for exposure, while skating at a very competitive level. It is a very exciting time to be part of the league as it is quickly expanding to all areas of the country.  Unlike many of the other elite travel hockey programs in the country, the focus of the EJEPL is to minimize travel and prevent missed school days. The league is split into conferences based on team geography. SCYH teams will be in a conference where travel would not be much different than it would be for a normal season.  There are several local EJEPL tournaments held throughout the year, to allow league play with teams from across the country. This will provide SCYH players the opportunity to skate against teams,  they would not play in the regular season. The EJEPL league schedule is designed to supplement the team’s traditional season schedule, not replace it. SCYH is proud a partner of the EJEPL and is excited about the opportunities it will provide for our skaters.

by posted 03/31/2015
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